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REVIVE is a local College and Career Ministry


1. Restore to life or consciousness

2. Regain life, consciousness, or strength

"Revive exists for the Glory of God by providing an evangelical non-denominational young adult ministry in order to promote fellowship, worship, service, and discipleship through the study of God's word."  -- Revive Vision Statement


Foundation Preparatory Academy

Foundation Preparatory Academy is a school dedicated to helping young adults develop integrity and character while growing in their Christian faith as part of their academic experience.  For more information click the image above to see their website.

"Women today are faced with complex choices, especially where unplanned pregnancy is concerned. We should take the responsibility to be informed of all the issues included in whatever choice we make. We are much better off when we know about these issues from the very beginning, rather than finding out when it is too late."

--PHC Website