We've been there. Right there, sitting in front of our computer reading up on a potential church. Maybe it's Saturday night and you are in your underwear bleary eyed trying to figure out whether this church is worth rolling out of bed for on Sunday morning. Or, will it be the same old song and dance.

Relax, take a breath. We aren't here to give you another dose of high holy religion. We do sit in pews, but they don't define us. We are people just like you, we have the same questions, doubts and desires. We have found our answers in the Bible and a relationship with Jesus Christ. And, that may sound hokey, or corny, but it is true. Jesus Christ has changed our lives and we know He can change yours. God loves you and so do we. We aren't perfect, and we don't have everything figured out. But, maybe, we can find the answers together.

We are casual, so no need for a suit - unless that's your thing. We have a well staffed nursery and try to incorporate our children in all we do so bring the family. We put the words to the songs we sing on a screen so feel free to sing along.
We hope to see you Sunday!